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My Childhood

If I talk about my early childhood, I don’t know why computers always dominated my mind. When I compare my childhood with my cousins’, I always spent more time using a computer, while they loved to play hide and seek.

My father bought a desktop PC for me. I still remember its broken VGA cable. It was a Pentium-1 computer with a slow processor of 166Mhz and 32MB of RAM, and I think it was the most fascinating thing for me in my childhood.

My 1st Pentium 1 computer.

I don’t know where I developed the curiosity to open the case of my desktop and explore different hardware components. I often removed the CPU, RAM, and Graphics Card, which was 128 MB, to remove the dust from the components.

messing with my desktop computer.

Whenever I got some bucks, I always thought about updating the hardware components to increase the efficiency of the computer. In my early childhood, I learned to install different operating systems, play with code, play with MS-DOS, and play Need for Speed secretly 😉

My Education

Later on, when I enrolled in a Computer Science degree, I noticed I knew much about the content before our teacher taught us. I still remember I always asked some next-level questions in our computer lectures, and the good thing is our teacher always admired me for asking such questions. It developed more curiosity in me to learn more about computers and applications.

My Practical Exposure

When I completed my degree, I started to work in a workshop to repair computers. Here I gained more practical experience with computers. Here I deal more with the hardware issues of computers and also with the software issues. Later on, I solved the problems of many people virtually.

My Blogging Career

In 2021, I was asking myself, How can I help people with their tech issues?

Then a friend of mine named Dave Walker suggested that I should create a tech blog to share my knowledge. Dave Walker was my colleague in high school. So, following his advice, I started this blog in mid-2021 to share my expertise so that I can help people in solving their problems.

Before starting the blog, I aimed with my heart that I will help people to find the best laptops, keyboards, and mice for their particular use.

My Objective

As a computer expert, I know that different machines have different specifications, and one should be aware of their use before buying any product. I share my knowledge about different products so that users can compare them with their usage to decide which laptop or product is most suitable for them.

I also aim to share information regarding different problems while using different computer components. I’ll try to share some simple methods to troubleshoot the issues.

If you have any queries, contact me with the following social links.

Welcome to the Skilled World of PC!

Richard Leonard

Editorial Director