Keyboards for Long Nails 2024: Top Ergonomic Designs for Easy Typing

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Microsoft Surface Keyboard for people having long nails.

  • Sleek Design
  • Provides Good Feedback
  • 500,000 Actuations Per Key
  • Stylish Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Sleek Keyboard for people having long nails

  • Perfect Stroke Keys
  • Crafted for Comfort
  • Smart illumination
  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • Best known for Professional Work

Logitech K380 rounded button keyboard for long nails.

  • Compatible with Mac
  • Low Profile Keys
  • Compact Slim Design
  • Long Lasting Battery

Ladies, are you torn between styling your nails and working comfortably? Thinking about trimming your cherished nails? But why should we choose when we have a perfect solution that can accommodate both of our needs. Keyboards that are specifically designed for long nails can help you achieve a comfortable and precise typing experience without trimming your nails or breaking them.

These products feature low-profile scissor key switches that make it relatively easier to type and maintain a quiet working environment throughout the day. Furthermore, the inclusion of scratch-resistant leather into the keyboard reduces the need for regular maintenance and makes it an ideal option for the majority. But choosing a suitable keyboard is a mystery for most users. Therefore, we are here with the five best keyboards for long nails, along with a detailed buying guide. So, let’s dive into the article for more information in this regard.

5 Best Keyboards for Long Nails

1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Best Keyboard for Girls with Long Nails

Microsoft Surface Keyboard for people having long nails.

Microsoft Surface Keyboard is highly popular in the market these days. Furthermore, being a lady with long nails is my ultimate recommendation to all the other ladies out there that find it difficult to type on an ordinary keyboard because of their long nails.

The longboard is characterized by an ergonomic design and appropriately spaced keys that make it a lot easier to type as compared to its other counterparts.

This, coupled with its sleek and simple design, further optimizes the performance and is a major reason for its immense industrial popularity.

In addition to this, the shallow scissor switches are all you need to complete your tasks. These specialized switches improve your overall typing speed and allow you to press the keys for a long time. Thus, removing all the obstacles that might hinder your overall performance.

During trial sessions, we also found it to be highly comfortable for long-hour use since you do not need to exert additional force to press the keys.

All of this is attributed to the highly responsive nature of the product and contributes to the reduction in the strains on your nails. Hence, protecting them from breakage and straining.

Furthermore, the keyboard also possesses wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to connect it with multiple devices depending on its compatibility. This relieves you from the hassle of taking care of all the wires and switches to connect it with your laptop while working.

  • Optimized feedback
  • Remarkable battery
  • Wireless technology
  • A bit costly

Microsoft WS2-00025 Surface Keyboard is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and can be connected wirelessly over wi-fi or Bluetooth services. This makes it a perfect traveling option for the majority of users because of its increased portability and hassle-free ergonomic design.

2. Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard – Best Keyboard for Working Women

Logitech Sleek Keyboard for people having long nails

If you are in for a convenient typing experience with negligible maintenance, then the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is your ultimate solution.

This remarkable keyboard is not only user-friendly but is also one of the most stylish options available in the market. Just pick it up and type whatever you want without worrying about long keypresses and straining your nails.

This comfortable and stable typing is achieved because of the inclusion of automatic backlighting and smart illumination hand detection, which allows you to view each and every key properly, even in dim lighting conditions.

Along with this, the appropriately spaced keys and increased responsiveness of the keyboard allow you to register each stroke immediately without exerting additional force to type a letter.

This contributes to incredible time efficiency and also reduces the strain on your hands and nails. Apart from the above-mentioned attributes, another outstanding feature of the product is the ability to connect with a variety of operating systems wirelessly.

This feature enables us to carry the keyboard with us on our trips without worrying about managing all the wires accompanied by it.

We assure you will not face any problem while connecting the keyboard with Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS over Bluetooth and wi-fi services. Similarly, the system can connect to up to three devices at a time. Thus, offering you additional benefits without compromising comfort and stability.

  • Shallow profile keys
  • Highly responsive
  • Round edges
  • A bit expensive

Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is a perfect keyboard for long nails because of its spherical shape and round edges. Moreover, the keyboard is also designed to match the shape of your nails, and thus, you will not find any difficulty in typing even with extremely long acrylic nails. Finally, its exceptional power retention abilities allow you to use it for up to10 days on a single charge without worrying about performance issues.

3. Mechanical Keyboard – Best Wired Gaming Keyboard for Girls with Long Nails

Mechanical Keyboard for Gamers who have long nails.

Mechanical Keyboard Wired Gaming Keyboard is yet another low-profile keyboard that is highly demanded in the market these days. Moreover, the product is relatively low price and inexpensive than the previously mentioned options.

Featuring the low profile keys, this version of the Mechanical keyboard does not require you to press the key switches for a long time in order to register a stroke and, therefore, reduce the stress on your nails.

This prevents the nails from breaking in the short term. Another advantage of this keyboard is its blue switches which are suitable for gaming.

So, whether you are a pro lady gamer or just a newbie, you will not find any difficulty in typing while using this product. To our surprise, the keys are extremely slim in terms of construction and feature a 7mm profile.

The key height is also different from traditional mechanical keyboards, and therefore, you will observe that this option is relatively responsive as compared to other models available at the same price. Another benefit of the short height is the ease of typing with long nails.

Besides this, the keyboard is compact in size and is extremely lightweight; therefore, you can easily carry it from one place to another.

It is also wireless in nature and can connect with a diverse range of operating systems over wi-fi or Bluetooth without going through the hassle of using cables and wires to connect your laptop with a keyboard.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Thinner design
  • RGB backlighting
  • Windows lock function issues

Mechanical Keyboard Wired Gaming Keyboard features remarkable battery life, which enables you to use it for long hours without worrying about running out of power. Moreover, the RGB backlighting makes it an ideal option for nighttime use and allows you to view each and every key clearly and properly without straining your eyes.

4. Logitech K380 – Best Multi-device Keyboard for Girls with Long Nails

Logitech K380 rounded button keyboard for long nails.

Looking for a slim and lightweight keyboard to accommodate your daily needs? Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard is our utmost recommendation, especially if you have long nails. Designed for all the working ladies that want to work comfortably without impacting their style statement.

This minimalist keyboard is versatile in nature and can easily connect with different operating systems such as Mac iOS without going through complex mechanisms.

You can enable Bluetooth or wireless connectivity and connect the keyboard with your device in a few easy steps.

However, what makes us appreciate this option more and more each day is its ergonomic and user-friendly design and the shape of its keys which makes it extremely easier for us to type even with long nails.

The low-profile scissor keys are placed at a suitable distance from each other and do not require extra effort to register the keystrokes. You can gently press the key switch in order to register the keystroke and get the task done within minutes.

In addition to this, the keys are short in height and are extremely quiet, so you will not face any disturbance while working at night time.

We also appreciate the keyboard footprint, which relieves you from the hassle of extending your arms outward in order to reach the keys.

Thus, allowing you to maintain a comfortable and healthy body posture as opposed to the traditional options available in the market.

  • Compact and sleek design
  • Comfortable typing
  • Enhanced versatility
  • Lacks backlighting

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Keyboard also belongs to the family of budget-friendly keyboards and thus, can be afforded by the majority of the users that can not afford high-priced options. Furthermore, the product is available with a 2-year battery life guarantee and, therefore, can be used for long hours on a single charge.

5. iClever Bluetooth Keyboard – Best Budget Keyboard for Long Nails

iClever Keyboard for long nails.

iClever BK06 Bluetooth Keyboard is constructed using durable material, and thus, it is not prone to damage easily.

This allows you to use it for a long time without worrying about performance issues or durability concerns. Its ergonomic construction, coupled with the better alignment, makes it extremely easier to type for those that possess long nails and find it difficult to use the traditional keyboards.

In addition to this, the product itself is slim and lightweight in nature and is perfect for traveling purposes.

During the trial sessions, we also observed that the keyboard is scratch and fingerprint resistant and therefore does not require additional maintenance to function properly.

The design of the keys and their distance from each other are perfect for typing without any discomfort and increase the overall responsiveness of the system.

Thus, you do not need to press the key switch for a long time to register a stroke. This contributes to unrivaled performance and time efficiency and significantly improves your performance.

Similar to its previously mentioned competitors, this version is also characterized by Bluetooth and Wireless compatibility with a variety of operating systems and can successfully connect with up to three different devices at a time.

All of this is because of the inclusion of the Broadcom Bluetooth chip, which enables you to achieve a fast connection with negligible power consumption in the long term.

  • Smooth connectivity
  • Leather-based construction
  • User-friendly
  • Lacks Bluetooth adapter

iClever BK06 Bluetooth Keyboard is available at an extremely reasonable price range across the market and, thus, can be afforded by users of diverse financial backgrounds. Along with this, it possesses exceptional battery life, which allows you to use it for long hours on a single charge without going through the hassle of repeated charging.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Keyboards for Long Nails


The design and weight of the keyboard must be given consideration if you possess long nails. If you end up purchasing a product that contains higher keys with minimum space among them, you might end up registering the wrong stroke and might also find it difficult to type comfortably because of the negligible space among the key switches. Thus, in order to avoid such situations, we recommend an ergonomic design to increase the benefits and significantly reduce the losses.

Furthermore, if the keys are spaced at a particular distance, there will be less chance for inaccuracies, and you can complete your task within time. Ergonomics also takes into account the typing posture and hand gestures, and therefore, purchasing an ergonomic keyboard will help you maintain a healthy posture and will also contribute to the reduction in fatigue after long hours.

Construction Material

Users are often so engrossed in the design and layout of the keyboard that they forget that the material of construction is equally important. You must be aware of all the potential benefits and risks associated with a particular material and then invest carefully to prevent future troubles and financial losses.

The majority of the users prefer scratch-resistant leather because of its increased comfort and high durability, which prevents it from getting damaged easily. However, leather is equally difficult to clean and might require you to put in additional effort in order to maintain the keyboard in a proper condition.

Apart from this, you should also look into whether the material is non-slip in nature or not. Slippery materials might make it difficult to control the keyboard. Thus, impacting your whole typing experience in the long term. So, it is beneficial to read carefully about the specifications of the product you are interested in and then invest in it to avoid unwanted issues in the future.

Silent Typing

Another factor that most users are particularly concerned about is the noise generated while typing. The amount of sound generation varies from keyboard to keyboard due to differences in design and construction, and therefore, you must possess sound knowledge in the type of keyboard and the noise it will generate.

Most keyboards with shorter keys are quiet in nature because they do not require you to put in extra force in order to register a keystroke. In addition to this, ladies with long nails might also find it annoying to hear the noise of the nails scratching the key switch if the stroke was quiet. To avoid such issues, you should purchase keyboards that are specifically designed for this purpose to reduce the disturbance while working, especially at night time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users often find it difficult to type on a keyboard if they have long nails. Whether you have naturally long nails or you are a fan of acrylic nails, we always recommend typing with finger pads to avoid the scratches as well as annoying sound generated while nails touch the keys. Furthermore, you should maintain a proper body posture while typing to reduce the stress on your shoulders and achieve a comfortable typing position. Finally, practice is what makes you perfect. You should practice typing with long nails on a regular basis to adapt rapidly.

Yes, you can definitely type on a keyboard with long nails. However, the process might be difficult, especially for newbies. You might require regular practice and a few tips to type properly in the beginning, and afterward, you will get used to the idea of typing with long nails. The majority of the users report that typing becomes a lot easier with an ergonomic low scissor-switch keyboard, especially those that are designed particularly for this purpose.

Yes, low-key switches are perfect for those that have long nails. These key switches are highly responsive in nature and do not require long presses in order to register a stroke. So, you can gently press the key switch and register the stroke easily. Furthermore, low-key switches are also extremely quiet in nature and are perfect for those that like to work in a quiet environment during the day and night time.

Wrapping Up

Long nails might be appealing, but they can really become a hassle if you have to type on a regular basis. However, where there is a will, there is a way. You can achieve a perfect comfortable typing experience without trimming your nails and impacting your style by purchasing the keyboards designed for long nails.

The article offered some detailed insights into the five best keyboards for long nails, along with a few factors that can impact your decision to purchase a particular option. After careful consideration of the above-mentioned products, here are some of our recommendations.

Thus, they are perfect for those searching for durable and comfortable keyboards for those with long nails.

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