Best Retro Keyboards 2024: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Tech

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Qwerkywriter S Retro connected with Tablet via Bluetooth.

  • Metal Construction
  • Scroll Knobs function
  • Volume Function
  • Long Lasting Battery

Basaltech Blue Retro Style Keyboard.

  • Blue Switches
  • 104-Keys
  • 30 Lighting Effects
  • Metal Panel

UBOTIE  Multi-color Retro keyboard and mouse.

  • Attractive Retro Style 
  • Round Keycaps
  • Mirror Plane
  • Easy to Set up

Retro keyboards are my favorite type among the keyboards available in the market these days. Their typewriter-like appearance and typing noise always take me back to my childhood days when typewriters were common in use. Furthermore, what makes them different from traditional typewriters is their fast response and increased precision. A diverse range of these keyboards also features dual connectivity that enables you to connect them with multiple devices either wirelessly or with the help of USB cables.

This increases their versatility and is the major reason for their immense popularity. However, people often question me about the selection of a suitable retro keyboard for oneself. Thus, I have come up with a detailed review of the five best retro keyboards along with a few factors that must be given consideration in the decision-making process to select the best option for yourself.

5 Best Retro Keyboards

1. Qwerkywriter S Retro Mechanical Keyboard

Qwerkywriter S Retro connected with Tablet via Bluetooth.

Attention to all those that are searching for performance-oriented best retro keyboards with a long-lasting battery. Qwerkywriter S Retro Mechanical Keyboard is your ultimate destination. This specialized keyboard is integrated with unparalleled attributes that enable you to enjoy a comfortable typing experience without compromising anything in return. Furthermore, the complete metal construction is characterized by its increased durability, which ensures that you can use it for years without any major damage or scratching issues.

The keys are arranged in a typewriter format and will provide you with a vintage feeling. Thus, allowing you to indulge in your daily tasks efficiently. Despite their retro style, the keys are relatively smooth in nature and are highly responsive. So, you do not need to put in additional effort in order to register a keystroke. Another benefit offered by the highly responsive nature of the keyboard is the reduction in typing errors as the keyboard can easily read all the instructions fed into it and will not miss any key that you have pressed in the process.

To our surprise, a dual scroll knob is also included in the system, which can be used for turning pages and adjusting the volume. This further improves the versatility of the product. Similarly, the higher consumer popularity of the keyboard is attributed to the dual connectivity modes that enable you to connect it wirelessly through Bluetooth and Wifi services with multiple devices or use wired services such as USB cables to connect it with one device at a time.

This makes it suitable for a variety of conditions, especially if you are planning to travel and do not want to manage cables and wires; you can switch to wireless connectivity mode and get all of your tasks done without any disturbance. Finally, the keyboard is compatible with different devices and can easily connect with Apple devices and iOS without going through complex procedures.

  • Dual-mode connectivity
  • Tactile mechanical switch
  • Increased responsiveness
  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Expensive

Qwerkywriter S Retro Mechanical Keyboard is renowned for its remarkable battery life, which is attributed to the powerful battery integrated into the system. The battery can retain power for a long time and, therefore, can be used for days on a single recharge with little concern about running out of power or recharging it again and again.

2. Blue Retro Wireless Keyboard

Blue Retro Keyboard and Mouse with unifying receiver.

Blue Retro Wireless Keyboard is a perfect option for those that are searching for cost-efficient yet performance-oriented retro keyboards available in 2022. The keyboard is associated with a typical typewriter layout which seems vintage and can easily attract the users’ attention from far. Furthermore, the blue-colored keys seem pleasing to the eyes and enhance the visual appeal of the product. Thereby contributing to its industrial demand over the years. However, what we love the most is the availability of a free mouse along with the keyboard in the package.

Both these devices match perfectly and are available at reduced rates. So, you can save additional money that you might have to spend on purchasing the mouse otherwise. In addition to this, both devices can be connected using a single USB cable without going through complex mechanisms of installing drivers and softwares in order to operate them effectively. Similarly, 2.4G wireless technology is another highly popular attribute of the system, which enables you to connect it with multiple devices and helps you maintain a stable connection throughout the day.

Apart from this, a numeric keypad is also incorporated into the keyboard, which enables the gamers and writers to perform a variety of other tasks as well. We also admire the compact size of the keyboard despite the inclusion of more than 100 keys which makes it a suitable traveling partner for the majority. The keys are also relatively easier to type and will not require a lot of effort and time on your part. The key spacing also reduces the chance for typing errors and allows you to make precise moves and accurate gestures without missing even a single key.

All of this is also because of the increased responsiveness of the keyboard that improves its overall abilities and enables you to achieve the highest level of performance efficiency in the long term. Moreover, the keyboard is compatible with a diverse range of operating systems and can be used with Windows and Mac operating systems without any major difficulty or performance concerns.

  • Fast operation
  • Budget-friendly
  • Stable connectivity
  • Lacks RGB backlighting

Blue Retro Wireless Keyboard is available in multiple color options that can be selected upon the users’ preferences. Similarly, the auto sleep/wake option significantly reduces energy consumption and conserves battery life. Thereby allowing you to use the keyboard for long hours without any performance issue and disturbance.

3. Basaltech Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Basaltech Blue Retro Style Keyboard.

Basaltech Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one of the best retro keyboards available in the market these days and is renowned for its well-thought construction and vintage layout that can easily grab your attention. Despite its retro style, the keys are highly comfortable in nature and will not feel strange while typing. You also do not need to exert force while registering a keystroke as a gentle press can get the task done.

During the trial sessions, we also observed that the keyboard featured minimum resistance and increased responsiveness which decreases the chance of missed keys or typing errors. It also contributes to exceptional time efficiency and allows you to complete a task in the blink of an eye. This, coupled with the anti-ghosting technology embedded into the product, allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously with little regard for precision or accuracy issues.

Another benefit offered by this advanced technology is the fast typing speed and response that caters to all your needs and is perfect for professional gamers that require a quick response. Apart from all these above-mentioned features, another exceptional characteristic of the keyboard is the inclusion of 30 different RGB backlighting effects that can be adjusted using the knob integrated into the keyboard. The knob must be held for at least 3 seconds to get the task done and is beginner-friendly in nature. So, you will not face any problems while doing so.

Similarly, you can rotate the knob in order to shift between various lighting modes, especially for nighttime use. The RGB backlighting provides enough brightness to view each and every key clearly even in dim lighting conditions and removes all the obstacles in your work. Last but not least, the metal panel and durable construction prevent the keyboard from getting damaged easily and enable it to be used for years without any major signs of breakage or scratching.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multiple lighting options
  • Removable keycaps
  • Not the best mouse combo

Basaltech Blue Mechanical Gaming Keyboard features removable keycaps that can be removed from the system for hassle-free cleaning and easy maintenance. Furthermore, the increased brightness and large DPI value make it a perfect choice for gamers of diverse backgrounds and add five stars to the abilities of this version of the Basaltech gaming retro keyboard.

4. UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboard

UBOTIE  Multi-color Retro keyboard and mouse.

Another user-friendly option on the list of the best retro keyboards, the UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboard, never fails to amaze with its outstanding attributes. The product is specifically designed for all those that love the traditional vintage typewriter format and are looking for keyboards that can offer that retro outlook. Available in multiple color options, the keyboard can be selected depending on individual preferences and is highly popular among users of diverse backgrounds.

Along with this, the keycaps produce a very beautiful sound usually generated when keys are pressed on a typewriter. This sound will take you back to those old days when typewriters were common and will relive your childhood memories. Despite the appearance, the keys are comfortable in nature and do not feel sluggish or strange while typing. Similarly, the appropriate distance between these keys decreases the chance for errors and inaccuracies.

This is because of its fast response and high-performance efficiency that can effectively detect each keystroke and register it immediately. Hence contributing to time-efficiency in the long term. Similarly, the shape of keys and their design are created specifically to follow your hand movement and reduce the stress on your fingers and wrists. This is highly useful for those that work for long hours, i.e., around eight hours per day, and are often worried about wrist injuries due to continuous typing and gaming.

We also found out that the keyboard is incorporated with a power-saving mode that conserves the battery for later use and extends its battery life. Thus, allowing you to operate the keyboard for days on a single charge without having to recharge it repeatedly on a daily basis. A wide variety of consumers also appreciate the high compatibility of the product with different devices and operating systems. You can use it with Windows and Mac operating systems with utmost efficiency and enjoy a comfortable typing and gaming experience throughout the day.

  • Simple setup
  • Auto power saving
  • Retro round keycaps
  • Packaging issues

UBOTIE Colorful Computer Wireless Keyboard stands out among the best retro keyboards included in the list and is constructed using high-quality materials that are not prone to damage easily. This enables you to use it on a regular basis and carry it around without any major signs of damage or scratches.

5. FIRSTBLOOD Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

FIRSTBLOOD old-fashioned light grey Retro keyboard.

FIRSTBLOOD Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a mid-price range product that features a classical vintage layout and is highly preferred by consumers because of its lightweight construction and compact size. Featuring a customizable color approach, the keyboards can be modified according to the requirement and feature, which is the major reason for its high market demand. In addition to this, the spherical keycaps are relatively easier to press and do not require you to exert additional effort to register a keystroke.

Instead, you can gently press the keys, and the rest of the task will be performed by the keyboard itself. The shape of the keys is also aligned with human fingers, and therefore, you will be able to flawlessly move your fingers over the keys without over-exerting them or causing wrist injuries to yourself. Moreover, the PBT used in the construction of the keycaps feels extremely delicate on the touch and is highly sturdy in terms of construction. Therefore, you can be relieved from the concerns of scratches and breakage due to excessive pressure or long nails.

Besides this, the mechanical key switches are quieter in nature and do not produce loud noise as in some traditional mechanical keyboards. This enables you to use the keyboard during the nighttime without worrying about disturbing others or generating noise pollution in your surroundings. Along with this, what grabbed our attention in the first appearance was the RGB backlighting which generates enough brightness to type accurately in the dim lighting condition.

This reduces the stress on your eyes and is perfect for those with weak eyesight or other eye-related issues. Another remarkable feature associated with backlighting is the ability to use different colors for different keys, which allows you to customize the keyboard according to your preferences. This can be carried out via the software installed on your device and is characterized by the improved versatility of the system.

  • Comfortable typing experience
  • Adjustable RGB lights
  • Custom brown switches
  • Overpriced

FIRSTBLOOD Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is characterized by an exceptional battery life which is because of its powerful rechargeable battery. The battery can retain power for days on a single charge and allows you to work efficiently with little regard for power consumption or recharging issues. Furthermore, the keyboard is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems and can be connected with them via USB cables for better data transmission and stable connectivity.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing the Best Retro Keyboards

Type of the Switch

You should first look into the type of switches incorporated into the retro keyboard you are planning to purchase. Different types of switches are characterized by different typing experiences, and therefore, you must possess sound knowledge in this regard in order to choose a suitable option for yourself.

We suggest looking into various search engines and getting familiar with different types of switches. Afterward, you can read the specifications of the products you are interested in and choose the most appropriate and suitable option for yourself. The majority of the users prefer mechanical switches because of their fast and accurate response and comfortable typing abilities.

Splash Resistance

Splash resistance is another factor that can significantly impact the performance of a particular product. Most of the users, including me, are used to eating and drinking while working. This is especially true if we have to work for more than eight hours per day and can not find a specific time to have our lunch separately.

In such instances, it becomes inevitable to purchase a keyboard that is resistant to splash and water since accidents can happen because of our negligence while having the meal. In the case of a water-resistant keyboard, such negligence will not lead to greater damage and will minimize the damage caused in this regard. Apart from this, the keyboard should also be dust resistant in nature and must be easier to clean. You can look into products with removable keycaps for a hassle-free cleaning experience.

RGB backlighting

RGB backlighting is essential for nighttime use or areas where proper lighting is not available. Some of the latest options available in the market are integrated with customizable and adjustable backlighting options, which allow you to select different LED colors for different keys and customize the keyboard the way you like and prefer.

Similarly, the brightness level offered by this key underlighting enables you to view the keys clearly and type comfortably without overtraining your eyes. Hence, reducing the chance of worsening eyesight and other sight-related issues.


Finally, the price shall be given due consideration before making a decision. Trust me; you do not want to end up like those that neglected the price and then faced financial losses because of investment in the wrong option. Instead, you should always look into your budget and then decide accordingly. There are many budget-friendly options available in the market that are incorporated with some of the top-notch attributes and perform efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

A mechanical keyboard is a specialized keyboard that is integrated with mechanical switches and relatively thicker keys as opposed to traditional keyboards available in the market. Furthermore, these devices are characterized by their ultra-quiet working conditions, which is because of the specialized switches that do not produce loud sounds when pressed. These keyboards are also generally more responsive in nature and therefore offer high precision and accuracy.

The suitability of a particular keyboard is highly dependent on the user. If you like traveling a lot or have to travel a lot due to work reasons, then using a wireless keyboard might be more suitable for you because of its increased portability and stable connection. These keyboards are also capable of connecting up to three different devices at the same time.

Similarly, if you are not really fond of wireless connections, you can also go for wired keyboards that allow for remarkable and fast data transmission. There are also products available that enable you to use both functionalities according to your choice.

Yes, retro keyboards are highly popular among users because of their vintage outlook and aesthetic design, which can easily attract your attention. Furthermore, these keyboards produce very beautiful typewriter-like noises that can take you to your childhood memories. Another advantage of these keyboards is their compact design and multiple connectivity options that increase their portability and usability for a wide variety of users.

Wrapping Up

Selecting a suitable retro keyboard has always been a hassle for the majority. The reason for this is the lack of proper understanding and knowledge about these devices, which can often lead to wrong decisions and financial losses for some consumers. Thus, we have included a detailed review of the five best retro keyboards available in 2022, along with a buying guide. Among the products listed above, here are some of our recommendations.

Thus, they are ideal for those searching for the best retro mechanical keyboards for regular use.

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