Best Rubber Dome Keyboards 2024: Top Choices for Comfort and Performance

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Japanese Realforce R2 PFU Keyboard.

  • Best Known for its Outclass Precision
  • Requires only a Gentle Press
  • Full N-key roll over
  • Portable Smart Design

Corsair K55 full-sized keyboard.

  • Six Beautiful Lighting Effects
  • Six Special Macro Keys
  • Media Keys
  • Detachable Palm Rest

SteelSeries Apex 3 with wrist pad.

  • RGB Illumination
  • Water Resistant
  • Quiet Gaming Switch
  • Durable Construction

Do you want to make your working environment quiet and more professional? Or want to improve your typing experience with the help of your keyboard? If yes, this is the best place you have landed on. We are introducing the best rubber dome keyboards to take your typing experience to the next level.

These not only increase your typing speed but also reduce typing errors. Further, they are reticent to type and do not create any unnecessary sound, which could irritate you during your work.

These rubber dome keyboards were not only ideal for gaming purposes but also very efficient for programmers. It helps you in staying consistent with your typing by providing you with user-friendly keys.

Being quiet makes your working environment more professional and beneficial without interrupting you with your work. We have mentioned the three best rubber dome keyboards with their advantages and disadvantages in the description. Keep your focus and stay connected with us until the end to learn maximum about these products.

3 Best Rubber Dome Keyboards

Here is the list of the three best rubber dome keyboards, known for high tactility and efficient functioning with user-friendly and silent keys.

1. SteelSeries Apex 3 – Best Full-Size Gaming Rubber Dome Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex 3 with wrist pad.

This SteelSeries Apex 3 has been selected as the topmost rubber dome keyboard because of provides us with the feel of a mechanical keyboard without exactly being a mechanical one.

The quiet and silent keys with tactile functioning give us years of guarantee in the efficiency of performance.

The keys are composed of plastic material but are still very strong and hard to last longer. It can also survive rough and tough clicking without being damaged or broken in any way. So we can trust this product as being durable and long-lasting.

Further, it also contains a wrist resting pad, which ensures you can put your wrist in a highly comfortable and supportive angle which not only provides you with the correct hand posture but it will also help in giving you fatigue-free typing.

Moreover, it is a full-size keyboard with the availability of all the necessary and reprogrammable keys. The user-friendly manual and interface help you learn to use and customize the keys according to your ease and convenience.

Moreover, these highly efficient keys of SteelSeries Apex 3 can provide you with 20 million excellent keystrokes without any lacking in their performance.

Further, you will get higher actuation points which is an essential factor in providing you with accuracy and correctness in typing. You will not feel any discomfort during working because the clicking of this keyboard is outstandingly quiet and vibration-free.

  • Silent and vibration-free
  • Highly qualitative and durability
  • High accuracy
  • Limited Customization

SteelSeries Apex 3 is a highly recommendable and efficient rubber dome keyboard that works in a super silent and vibration-free manner. With its super-strong construction, this keyboard is highly durable and reliable in terms of price and functioning.

2. Realforce R2 PFU – Best Hybrid Rubber Dome Keyboard for Professional Use

Japanese Realforce R2 PFU Keyboard.

Being little expensive many people do not select this keyboard but trust me, it is a lifetime investment. After buying this product, you would definitely be delighted that you have spent the money right away.

It belongs to the Japanese company, which is renowned for its superior build quality and high durability. This quality of the product gives us 50 million keystrokes without affecting the accuracy of the keys. These 50 million keystrokes can last up to 10 years with heavy use.

The keys of this keyboard are manufactured in a way that gives you a highly comfortable position and typing experience. So that you can use it for long hours without getting tired.

Moreover, not only the features of this keyboard make it stand in our top 3 but also the look which is dyed in a way that keeps it looking new and fresh even after years of rough and tough use. The intense and robust build of the keys makes it last longer than other keyboards.

Furthermore, this keyboard has Topre keys, which gives you a quick response as soon as you type and perfection inaccuracy so that no typing errors are made. This is because these keys are highly tactile.

The keys can work efficiently and quickly with a simple, gentle press, and you are not required to press hard to make them work. There is an inbuilt silencing pad that keeps the keys quiet and silent throughout the work. This makes you able to work in a tranquil environment, giving you a feel of professionalism.

  • High tactility
  • Silent functioning
  • Very accurate and precise typing
  • A bit high in Price

This Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition is known for its accurate and precise typing because of its high tactility. It is made in a solid and robust construction which makes it durable and long-lasting. You can use it even roughly for longer hours and years without making it affect its functioning.

3. Corsair K55 RGB – Best Budget-Friendly Rubber Dome Keyboard

Corsair K55 full-sized keyboard.

This is a gaming keyboard with an inbuilt RGB lightning feature and is more affordable than others.

It is a full-size keyboard that gives you an outstanding performance explicitly for programming and gaming purposes. This product consists of six macro keys, which are customizable and allow you to customize according to your need.

The stability of these keys gives you an efficient performance even if you are a pro gamer and hit the keys quickly. Further, the three zoned RGB backlighting enhances the keyboard’s look and allows you to make the keys visible even in a dark environment.

Moreover, the keys give you silent strokes, no matter how hard you press. You will get metallic concave support underneath the buttons for an additional benefit that maximizes your gaming experience.

A proper gap between the keys and eight key rollovers enhances the typing speed and minimizes the typing errors.

  • Silent and error-free typing
  • RGB backlighting
  • Affordable
  • No pass-through for USB

This rubber dome keyboard gives you outstanding gaming and programming experience with the help of quick and efficient keys. The manufacturing is done in such a way that increases the user’s typing speed and decreases typing errors.

Guide To Pick The Best Rubber Dome Keyboards

Here is the guide to look for the features which should be present in your rubber dome keyboard. Make sure to focus on each characteristic you want in your rubber dome keyboard to make it work efficiently.


Look for the extra features your selected keyboard is providing you. You should have all the advanced level features which you need and require for your work.

Keep in mind the demand for your work and why you need a rubber dome keyboard. If the product you selected is serving you the same purpose, go for it without thinking twice. Do not spend money on something which is not helpful for you.


Look for the construction quality and material build-up of the keyboard you’re purchasing. You need to focus on the question of how long your keyboard will last before finally purchasing it.

With the help of this question, you would know whether your keyboard is worth spending money on or not. Because if something is made up of good quality and reviews say that it is durable, then it is worth spending money. Alternatively, if you are purchasing a product that is expensive but does not provide you with the quality you want, you should not go with that.

Quietness In Keys

There are many brands that are manufacturing these rubber dome keyboards nowadays. Look for the keyboard, which should provide you with quite functioning and will not create irritating sound while pressing.

This silent clicking of the keyboard key will give you a professional environment to keep your focus intact. In this way, your keyboard will be helpful in maximizing the efficiency of your work.

Looks and Keys

Not only are the features of the keyboard essential to look for before purchasing, but also the physical characteristics of the keyboard are of utmost importance.

These are vital to look for when you are buying a keyboard for a specific purpose. Let’s say you are going to buy a rubber dome keyboard for your gaming purposes. Then you should go with some color options and the one which contains all the necessary multimedia keys you want for your gaming.

Alternatively, if you are going to buy a rubber dome keyboard for your programming purposes and you are planning to use it in a professional environment of the office, then you should go with some decent looking and elegant one which should have macro and programmable keys in your hand reach.

Handwrist Pads

Many rubber dome keyboards are built with inbuilt hand wrist pads to make your keyboard more ergonomic. This means that with the presence of a hand wrist, you can keep your wrist in a comfortable and relaxing position which will not make you tired even after hours of typing.

This is an important feature to look for before finally purchasing. With the hand wrist, you can enhance the efficiency of your functioning and can also maximize your time of functioning without getting tired.


Backlighting is another essential feature that should be present in your rubber dome keyboard. This is something necessary for those who prefer to work at night.

This feature helps in lighting up the keys to make them visible in light and dark when there is no external light present. Make sure to keep your time off work and the purpose of the keyboard in mind to decide whether you need backlighting or not.


Yes, dome switches are perfect, and these rubber dome keyboards are famous for the quality and performance of their keys. They give you maximum accuracy and precision in typing without typing errors.

Further, the reliability and tactility these keyboard keys provide enhance the efficiency of the keyboard’s performance.

They are not precisely the same, but still, the terms are interchangeable. This is because the latest keyboards use both of these technologies.

At the same time, there are some differences between the two, as some of the keyboards are created using only one type and not the other.

This is because the membrane keyboard provides maximum resistance to dust, dirt, and water and does not let these factors affect the functioning of the keys.

Furthermore, it has been noticed that many professional users use laptops and computer systems with membrane keyboards for office purposes. This is because of the reliability and efficiency they provide.

The standard and average rubber dome keyboard can provide you with somewhere around 5 million clicks. It is estimated that these five million clicks can last for 1.5 to 2 years if you use them frequently.

Furthermore, there are advanced companies that are now manufacturing rubber dome keyboards with 80 million keypresses.

Final Thoughts

Rubber dome keyboards are now in the market with high reliability and efficiency in their performance. They provide you with the ability to type quickly without making typing errors. Further, they also help increase your speed and make your work more professional by giving you a quiet and calm environment because the keys do not make any sound throughout clicking.

Above mentioned article consists of the three best keyboards with rubber dome technology and a buying guide to help you select the best product. Make sure to give it a good read with concentration to get to know all the necessary details you should have.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy, SteelSeries Apex 3 is our top recommended product that works with high efficiency and super silent manner. It also increases your typing speed and reduces typing errors.

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