Outemu Switches in 2024: Discover the Leading Keyboard Technology

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Finding mechanical switches with the best acoustics, tactile feedback, and clicky feel at an affordable price is quite challenging. Outemu switches have made their name for providing impressive tactility, feel, and acoustics at a very affordable price. Therefore they are the inexpensive alternative to Cherry MX switches.

Outemu switches are part of a series of Cherry Clone switches and are manufactured in China. Outemu offers 4 mechanical switches Red, Blue, Brown, and Black. If you are looking for the best Outemu switches for your mechanical keyboard, here is a review of  Outemu mechanical switches. After using all these switches, we have composed this in-depth review to help you understand the pros and cons of each Outemu switch.

4 Best Outemu Switches

1. OUTEMU (Gaote) Red 3 Pin Hot-Swappable Linear Switches

Outemeo Gaote Red 3-pin switch for a mechanical keyboard.

Outemeo Gaote Red 3-pin is one of the best linear switches for mechanical keyboards you can buy today. The switch is more clicky than Cherry MX but is pretty close to cherry MX when it comes to sound. This is one of the best hot-swappable switches you can buy today for a gaming keyboard.

It produces a relatively higher sound when the key is pressed, making it easy to detect if the key is pressed. In addition to an impressively clicky feel, these switches offer impressive tactile feedback. The clicky and tactile feature makes these switches best for serious typing works and gaming since it becomes easier to spot the mistakes of mistyping.

However, it produces a slightly louder sound than other mechanical switches and makes it less suitable for clam office environments. The switch is pretty smooth to press down and features a trigger level of 1.5mm. However, the position of the tactile button is placed low in the switches, and there the activation heist is 2.1 mm. Another trait of Outemu 3 -pin red switches is moderate resistance.

The higher spring resistance makes these switches a bit challenging to press, and the required force of operation is greater than 60cN. With this feature, these switches go best with heavy keys. People with large hands and strong feel would love these witches. However, people with smaller hands may find it a bit hard to press and should consider an option with less resistance.

These hot-swappable switches are hot-swappable, and no soldering is required to change the switches. All you need is a switch puller to switch to another option. The Outemu claims that these switches have a key life of 50 million; however, these switches are not much stable and don’t last that long.

  • Impressive tactile and clicky feel
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Perfect for people with large hands
  • Medium spring resistance
  • A smooth press
  • Make the keyboard sound loud
  • Less stable

Outemu 3-PIN red switches with an unparalleled clicky feel, smooth press down, and hot-swappable features are among the best linear switches. These switches come inexpensive but offer smooth and reliable typing and light gaming performance, making them one of the best Outemu switches you can buy today.

2. Outemu Black Switches

Outemu 3-pin black noiseless switch.

The next option on our list of best Outemu switches is Outemu 3-pin black switches. These affordable linear switches are famous among gamers and office workers for their smooth and reliable performance. Unlike Outemu red switches, these switches are noiseless, making them an excellent choice for clam office environments.

Also, a gamer who finds the typing sound distracting would love to switch these smooth and quiet linear switches. The switches are not pre-lubed but can be lubed to reduce the noise further and enhance the keys’ smooth feel. The clicky feel and tactility reduce the chances of typing mistakes.

The Outemu Black switches come with a trigger level of 1.5 mm, and the actuation force is around 64 grams but can approach upto 84 grams at the bottom. The actuation force is higher since it has the resistance of high spring. This feature makes it an excellent choice for heavy-handed persons. However, users with small hands and gentle feel might find these switches a bit hard and challenging for serious typing projects.

Durability is another standout feature of Outemu Black switches. The switches offer up to 80 million clicks and give you reliable performance with heavy-duty keys. The keys are hot-swappable and can be replaced easily with a switch puller at the ease of your home.

  • Impressive stability-80 million clicks
  • Hot-swappable switches
  • Smooth to press
  • Noiseless typing experience
  • Not suitable for the soft-handed typist
  • Higher actuation force

Outemu Gaote 3-Pin black switches are the best Outemu switches for gaming enthusiasts and heavy-handed typists for their impressive stability and distraction-free typing experience. These switches are already pretty smooth, and you can lube them to further enhance your experience with Outemu Balck switches.

3. OUTEMU Blue Switch 3 Pin Key Switch

OUTEMU 3-Pin Blue Switch for soft-handed typing.

Outemu switches are famous for their low prices and reliable performance, and that is what the Outemu Blue 3-pin switch exactly offers. This is Gateron and cherry equivalent switch that combines impressive tactile feedback with a low actuation force, making it an excellent choice for soft-handed typists.

Outemu Blue switches are among the best linear clicky switches on the market, and you will find them on most of the competitively priced keyboards. These switches are also known as clicky switches since they produce a high-pitch audible clicky sound. The sound is louder than  Cherry MX and sometimes feels a bit raucous. With a tactile bump and high-pitched sound feedback, these switches are ideal for gaming and typing work at home.

However, the noisy feedback makes them less suitable for office environments since the high-pitched feedback could be distracting for some workers. These switches have a trigger level of 2 mm, and the actuation force is around 46g and 60 grams of bottom out. The lowest actuation force makes these switches ideal for people with small hands and who have a gentle feel.

The bumpier tactile and high-pitch sound combined with a 3.6 mm travel distance reduces the frequency of typing mistakes and misclicks. The biggest downside of Outemu blue switches is that they are less stable compared to Outemu Black and Outemu Red switches. They offer up to 40 million clicks and do not comply with heavy-duty keys.

  • Bumpier tactile feel
  • Bets for soft-handed people
  • Low actuation force
  • Low frequency of unregistered keys
  • Noisy clicky response
  • Only 40 million clicks

If you are looking for a highly responsive yet soft Outemu switch for gaming and typing work, consider these 3-pin blue switches. The hot-swappable Outemu Blue switches do not require soldering for switch replacement, and all you need is a switch puller to move to another switch type and therefore stand out as one of the best Outemu switches.

4. OUTEMU (Gaote) Brown Switch

Outemu Brown switch,

Outemu Brown switches are the best choice for low-price keyboards since they combine the bumpier feel, moderate resistance level, and noise-free clicky feedback for improved gaming and typing experience. Outemu Brown switches lie somewhere between the Outemu Red and Outemu Blue switches.

Their spring resistance levels are moderate, making them equally useful for soft-handed and heavy-handed typists. The actuation force required for Outemu Blue switches is around 50 g and 60g for bottoming. What makes these switches best of all is their impressive tactile feedback. The bumpier feel coupled with a smooth press makes sure that every key you press is registered.

Moreover, Outmenu Brown switches are hot-swappable and support DIY replacement. All you need to replace switches is a switch puller. You can replace the switches without any soldering at the ease of your home. The bumpy feel of the switches makes them ideal for serious typing and data entry works. The best part is that they offer an inaudible clicky response. The less distracting typing experience makes these switches perfect for office environments.

The trigger level is 3mm, which is okay considering its application in light-duty gaming and typing works. The typo errors are almost negligible since they offer maximum bumps and responsiveness in the Outemu linear switches lineup. Outemu Brown switches are more stable than blue switches and offer a lifespan of around 50 million clicks.

  • Highly responsive
  • Low frequency of typos
  • Inaidiable bumier response
  • Too Sensitive for hard typists

If you are looking for switches with a moderate level of resistance and actuation force, consider the Outemu Brown switches. These Outemu switches combine impressive stability, responsive bump, and a noise-free operation, making them one of the best Outemu switches.

What To Look For While Buying Outmu Switches?

Choosing the best Outemu switches yourself isn’t easy since it requires knowing some basic things about mechanical switches. For a handful and flawless experience with mechanical keyboards, you need to invest in a switch that is ideally in line with your needs. Depending upon your usage requirements, budget, and past experience, you need to consider some critical factors before buying a new Outemu switch. To help you make a wise decision, we have composed this buying guide.

What Are Outemu Switches?

Outemu Switches are among the best Cherry MX clones that offer a close feel and compatibility to Cherry MX at a very affordable price. These switches are used in low-priced mechanical keyboards but come packed with performance features making them ideal for typing, data entry, and gaming.

Usage Requirements

Depending upon your usage requirement, you need to invest in a specific type of Outemu switch. If you are looking for the best Outemu switches for gaming, you should go with Outemu Red switches. Outemu Red Switches are the most stable and highly responsive among Outemu switches.

The red switches promise a soft and smooth keypress and have minimal actuation force. The tactile feedback is also minimum, and keys get registered with a minimal force. Also, they are less noisy than Outemu blue suits and offer a distraction-free gaming environment. For typing and data entry work, Blue switches are the best option you can have in the Outemu Mechanical switches lineup. Serious typists love clicky and loud feedback, which is exactly what it offers.

The blue switches provide the highest resistance and highest actuation force, making them perfect for hard-handed typists. Brown switches offer moderate levels of bumpy response and sound feedback, and they are ideal for both typing and light gaming. They have an actuation force between 46g to 60 g making them equally useful for heavy typists and soft-handed people.

Actuation Height

Action height or key travel distance is the next feature you should consider. It is a matter of personal preference, and you must be sure about what actuation height you need. The higher actuation height means high resistance and higher force required to get the keys registered. If you are more prone to typos, you should look for a high actuation distance. However, some gamers prefer low actuation heights to increase the speed of key registration. It helps them compete well in online gaming.

Soft And Smooth Keypress

For a smooth and fast keypress, you should go with Outemu switches with medium actuation force. The soft key travel makes typing easier and less tiring. However, people with large hands prefer a high actuation force and higher resistance for a well-controlled and error-free typing experience.

Again depending upon your work needs and past experience with mechanical keyboards, you should buy a switch for low and high actuation force. Outemu red and brown switches offer smooth keypress while blue switches come with the highest actuation force ad maximum resistance.


Budget is not a big concern while buying an Outemu switch. All Outemu switches are affordable and offer the best value for money. Also, there is no big difference in prices of all Outemu switches, and therefore you should go with an option that suits your needs best.


Outemu Switches are better than Gateron switches in many ways. They are less expensive than Gateron switches but can outperform many many Gatron linear switches when it comes to stability and reliability. Also, they offer a better tactile feel and a crispier experience than Gateron switches.

Outemu Blue and Black switches feature the lowest actuation height and force and are best for fast-paced users. These switches ensure fast key registration, making them ideal for gaming enthusiasts.

Outemu and Gatron are Colne switches of Cherry MX, and they can be swapped easily. Outemu switches are hot-swappable and can be swapped with Gateron switches without soldering.

Final Thoughts

So we have shared the review of the best Outemu switches you buy today for your mechanical keyboard. We can safely conclude that Outemu switches are affordable yet reliable and offer an impressive tactile feel and acoustic response. All the Outemu switches are made with the needs of different users in mind; the two we liked most were:

Maintenance of Outemu switches is critical if you want to increase their lifespan. You must clean the switches regularly to maintain their performance. Also, it is advised to lube the Outemu switches to enhance the softness of the keypress and switch responsiveness.

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