What are Brown Switches? Are they Good for Gaming?

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Have you just started using mechanical switches and are wondering whether or not these are suitable for gaming? Well, you are not alone as most gamers (casual or professionals) are confused to choose the right type of switches that can help them with recognition, actuation, and speed. Mechanical switches come in different sizes and shapes, based on their specific orientation. Here, the popular brown switches are the solution to many problems, be it casual gaming, typing, or even programming.

These alternatives are famous for their ability to provide you with better recognition and speed with low actuation force. However, it is only right to use them if these absolutely suit your individual requirements. Hence, to save you from the struggle, I have brought this comprehensive and logical guide while answering the most commonly asked question ‘are brown switches good for gaming’. So, let’s get in.

What are Brown Switches?

Brown switches are tactile, famous for their slight bumps that are integrated on each keystroke. These bumps make them great for typing and programming experience, providing you with fairly low actuation and improved recognition. Likewise, as the name suggests, the stem color in these keys is brown which allows you to move the buttons up and down on each keystroke. However, the only downside you can feel with these switches is that the noise produced by them can be a problem for you.

Best Uses for Brown Switches?

The best thing about using brown switches is that these are jack of all trades and can help you in pretty much everything. These are designed in a way that provides you with accurate experience, having an absolute response and decent speed range. Though they are not the master of everything, they are undoubtedly logical and reasonable alternatives that can facilitate your typing, programming, and gaming experience for the most part.

In addition, these mechanical switches are designed for tactile feedback. So, if you have never used a mechanical keyboard before, it is the right time that you invest in one to upgrade your gaming experience. The construction is absolutely impressive for beginners and people with intermediate skills; however, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these to anyone with professional skills. All in all, the usage is primarily dependent on your individual requirements and the construction of these switches.

Different Brown Switches Across the Market

Here are some commonly used and preferred brown switches you can find across the market;

Cherry MX Brown Switches

The original brown switches, also known as Cherry MX Brown, are the most preferred switches among users, all thanks to their construction and actuation rate. These keys have inspired many clone switches such as Gateron mechanical switches. Likewise, considering their overall efficiency in providing you with better recognition and a low actuation rate, I would highly recommend these switches to intermediate skilled users for heavy gaming.

Cherry MX Brown Switch for Gaming.

Likewise, another thing that makes them quite remarkable is their lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. Hence, these provide you with long service life and mitigate any chances of making another significant financial investment. So, there is no need to worry about physical damage. However, these can be pretty expensive for gamers and noise can also be a factor. So, after looking into all these things, if these still suit you, you are good to go.

  • Offers tactile feedback
  • These keys demand a 55g actuation force.
  • These switches offer a 2mm actuation distance.
  • The noise level is moderate to high.

Gateron Optical Brown Switches

The runner-up in this list of popular brown switches are these Gateron Optical switches, famous for their unique construction and light movement. These are designed with mechanical movement and incorporate faster recognition than many other mechanical keys. The stem included in these keys offers great actuation distance and provides you with a fairly decent recognition.

Gateron Optical Brown Switch for a mechanical keyboard.

Likewise, these typical mechanical switches are designed with electric plates that provide you with accuracy and precision. These are specifically designed for gaming as they offer quite some speed and reaction (approximately 0.1 milliseconds). Considering their ability to improve your confidence and provide you with a fast experience, I would recommend these to professionals and intermediate skilled users.

All in all, these are tested for 100 million keystrokes that contribute to the overall durability and make them long-lasting for the most part. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about the physical damage overall. Likewise, the noise level produced by these switches is not overwhelming, however, if you are sensitive to the minimal sound, this can be a problem for you.

  • Tactile feedback
  • These demand 45 g of actuation force.
  • These keys can cover a 2mm actuation distance.
  • Offers moderate noise level

Gateron Brown

To start with, Gateron is famous for its smooth and linear switches that provide you with an outstanding experience. These are some of the most popular switches, popular for their ability to provide you with a mid-tier intermediate gaming experience. These are designed with clone switches that are relatively inexpensive than Gateron Optical switches and provide you with better feedback.

Similarly, these keys have been tested for 60 million keystrokes, making them great for low actuation and better recognition. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the overall construction and physical damage. All in all, these are inspired by Cherry MX Brown, however aren’t as premium as them. Although the noise produced by them is not more than moderate mechanical keys, it can be an issue for some users who are sensitive to minimal sound.

  • Tactile feedback
  • These keys demand 55g of actuation force
  • These covers 2mm actuation distance
  • Offers moderate noise level

Kailh Box Brown Switches

Here comes yet another quality set of brown switches, famous for their unique stem construction. These are quite stable and provide you with better actuation without compromising on the overall comfort. Hence, considering their ability to not wobble, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that these are best suited for typing and daily work.

Kailh Box Brown Switch for noise-less typing experience.

These switches are designed with usual tactile feedback and provide you with a fairly decent actuation distance of 2mm. These are preferred over Outemu switches primarily because they have less actuation force and cover relatively large distances. All in all, the noise produced by these switches doesn’t bother you, considering that these are mechanical switches.

  • Tactile feedback.
  • These demand 50g actuation force.
  • These keys cover a 4mm total distance.
  • These can cover a 2mm actuation distance.
  • Offers a moderate noise level.

Outemu Brown Switches

If you are in search of something affordable and budget-friendly yet responsive, these switches are the ones you should invest in. These are designed specifically for typing and casual gaming, specifically for beginner’s skills. These are tested for 50 million keystrokes and provide an actuation force of 55g which is considerably low for such a price. Likewise, the noise produced by them is relatively low and can be categorized as moderate in general.

Outemu Brown Switch for typing and casual gaming.
  • Type of Feedback: Tactile
  • These keys demand 55g of actuation force.
  • These switches offer 4mm of the total distance.
  • These keys offer moderate to low noise.
  • Offers low actuation distance (2mm).

Are Brown Switches Good For Gaming?

The brown stems and tactile feel of these switches make them great for typing as well as gaming. However, it is largely dependent on the quality of construction and their design as some of the clone switches are not specifically designed for gaming. Hence, it becomes important that you have done your basic research. All in all, mechanical switches offer a great range of functions from actuation force to recognition, and construction; however not all of them are designed for the same purpose.

So, if you are wondering whether these brown switches are good for gaming, then not necessarily. If you are an advanced gamer who desires an extra fast gaming experience with responsiveness, speed, and comfort ensured, these might not be the best option for you. In contrast, if you are someone in the initial stages of gaming or with intermediate skills, these brown switches can help you with basic tactile feedback, with improved recognition and actuation ensured.

On the contrary, red switches are relatively better when it comes to heavy gaming and efficiency. The heavy bumps incorporated in these keys provide you with better accuracy and response. These are also faster and are light to touch, making it easy to achieve recognition with low actuation ensured. Likewise, their performance in competitive gaming relatively makes them worth your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily as it largely depends on your skillset and individual requirements. For instance, if you are looking for something budget-friendly to facilitate your basic or casual gaming experience, there is nothing wrong with investing in a quality set of brown switches (preferably original). In contrast, if you are an advanced user with notable skills and want to invest in competitive gaming, I would not suggest you invest in brown switches. Rather, red switches are comparatively better for you.

Yes, brown switches are absolutely good for typing. These brown switches are equipped with small bumps on their stem that provide you with better recognition and feedback, having low points of actuation. Likewise, these are tested for millions of keystrokes, making them long-lasting and durable for the most part. Hence, if you are looking for something budget-friendly and functional for typing, choose a clone or original brown switches.

Well, it largely depends on your individual requirements and performance potential. If you are looking for something for casual to intermediate gaming, using brown switches is better (considering their overall recognition, actuation, and price range). In contrast, if you want to invest in something quality for competitive gaming, using red switches would be a wise option. If you are still looking for something budget-friendly, I would recommend you go for Cherry MX mechanical brown switches.

Brown switches are the typical mechanical switches, famous for their ability to provide you with tactile feedback. These are designed with small bumps on their brown stems that help you in faster recognition with low actuation force. Likewise, these are mostly preferred for typing and programming, however, are not the best for competitive gaming. The only downside to these switches can be the noise produced by them.

Final Thoughts

In the end, mechanical switches are preferably used for their performance efficiency and ability to provide you with better recognition at low actuation force. Brown switches have gone through much evolution, with improved recognition, feedback, and actuation distance ensured. However, if you are wondering whether or not these brown switches are good for gaming, I hope that this comprehensive guide can help you understand their construction and mechanism.

Finally, if these switches work for you well, I would absolutely recommend you go for them.

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