Are Membrane Keyboards Good for Gaming? Experts Opinion

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Being cost-effective and efficient for the most part, membrane keyboards have gained quite some popularity across the market. These are usually popular among beginners who are looking for budgeted options and want to learn the gaming process manually. Likewise, also known as standard keyboards, you most likely have used them once in your lifetime.

These keyboards are designed with basic functionality, response, and efficiency. Another thing that makes them quite famous is their low cost of manufacturing. If you are a beginner and wondering whether or not to use these to facilitate your gaming experience, you need not worry. I have comprehensively answered your question ‘are membrane keyboards good for gaming,’ based on cost and benefit analysis. So, let’s get in for more.

What are Membrane Keyboards?

Membrane keyboards are the conventional and traditional alternatives introduced in the early 200s and are famous for their soft-touch technology. What makes them different from mechanical keyboards is their three-layered pressure-sensitive membranes that provide users with improved response and better output speed with a low point of actuation ensured. Hence, when you press the key, the board will send the input signal based on its recognition of the area that is depressed.

Merits of Membrane Keyboards

There are a number of things that make them great for routine usage, specifically for long gaming hours. Some of these advantages are;

Black full-sized membrane keyboard.

Quiet Pressing Process

The first and foremost thing that gives these keyboards an edge over the mechanical ones is their ability to provide you with a quiet typing process. These boards are equipped with a dense key switch design, depressed plate choices, and case materials that make them quiet overall and don’t demand much power for actuation. However, it primarily depends on the type of case construction you are using, as modern alternatives have come up with a mechanical-like structure that can be a bit noisy.

Affordable Designs

Another thing that makes them quite demanding is their affordable and reasonable price range. This is because the manufacturing doesn’t cost a lot, and hence, their ability to mass-produce at a relatively low cost makes them quite desirable. So, if you have something broken in your membrane keyboard, you are not to be worried about the cost involved in the buying process.

So, all in all, if you are a beginner, there is nothing wrong with using a membrane keyboard for gaming.

De-Merits of Membrane Keyboards

However, with these advantages come some compromises users have to make while using membrane keyboards. Therefore, here are some reasons you should not prioritize buying membrane keyboards over mechanical ones;

Typing Feels

The first and foremost complaint users have with these membrane keyboards is their typing feels. As each keypress is quiet and doesn’t even feel like you are pressing, there is no credible way of telling whether the key has been recognized or not. Hence, there are more chances of typos as compared to mechanical keyboards. However, it is to consider that over time, you can get used to the actuation force and can get the typing feel after constant usage.


Another de-merit you will have to face with these membrane boards is their durability. As these boards are designed with mass key switches and don’t incorporate individual key switches, their lives are relatively shorter and can easily be damaged. So, if a single key breaks, you will have to invest in another one. In contrast, mechanical keyboards are easily repairable, and hence, you can easily replace the individual keys without much cost involved.


Another issue with the membrane keyboards is that they are designed with a bottom-out keystroke. Hence, it is most likely that you will feel quite a lot of fatigue through the gaming process, considering that you have to sit in front of the monitor for quite some time. So, in the long run, using these keyboards can provide you with tiredness and fatigue.

Key Rollover

In simple words, key rollover is a condition when you can press multiple keys at the same time so that the program gets registered by the PC. It is also known as the anti-ghosting technique. Hence, because of the mass construction and simple design of these keyboards, it is not possible to register many keys at a time. Hence, for gaming, it can be a big problem considering that the entire process is based on key rollover. Yet, some contemporary ones have this function integrated into them.

Limited Range for Customization

If you are in search of customization and personalization in your keyboards, membrane boards are not the right ones you should invest in. As these boards are mass-produced, they offer a limited customizable range, and hence, you cannot replace the switches and modify the layouts as per your preference. Hence, you are stuck with only what you have.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, although it is not hard getting used to a mechanical keyboard, you will have to give it at least a day, week, or a month based on your processing capacity. It is equally important to consider that as humans, we take different time intervals to develop muscle memory that can be quick and slow based on your development. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about getting it right and just start practicing.

Well, it entirely depends on your skillset and individual preferences. If you are a beginner and looking for something budget-friendly yet responsive, going for one is not a bad idea. These can help you in facilitating the gaming process with basic functionality. In contrast, if you are looking for customization, key configuration, speed, and responsiveness, you might need to invest in a quality mechanical keyboard.

Well, it largely depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Membrane keyboards are the traditional alternatives used for basic office work, homes, hospitals, and much more. These are quite responsive, noiseless, and reasonable when it comes to the manufacturing cost. In contrast, mechanical keyboards are the modern alternatives that are best known for their range of customization, responsiveness, typing feels, and sophisticated actuation.

Yes, keyboards are absolutely important in gaming, considering their ability to assist and mediate the process. These are significant gaming equipment that can upgrade the process. Hence, choosing the correct one that is able to provide you with better response, speed, and efficiency should not be compromised at any cost.


Despite having some flaws and disadvantages of using membrane keyboards, if you are a beginner and just have started to invest in setting up a gaming PC, it is not a bad decision to go for one. Many professional users have used these keyboards to get used to the manual typing response so that they can get a better command over the process.

So, all in all, if you do not have a budget to invest in a quality mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to feel bad as there are reasonable and logical advantages of using one. Hence, first of all, I would recommend you to get used to these manual keyboards so that after some time, you can upgrade to a mechanical keyboard. Hence, you can enjoy a far better satisfying typing and gaming experience on the whole.

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