What is a KBDFans Tofu Keyboard? Is it Worth it?

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Tofu is a leading brand that has come up with its own series of keyboards, popular for their ability to provide a response, speed, and improved actuation points. These keyboards are specifically designed for entry-level skills as well as advanced users who are looking for satisfaction and efficiency. Likewise, their ability to provide you with customization makes it a great alternative for beginners and professionals.

These keyboards have gained quite some popularity for their layout options and their configuration that makes them highly productive and convenient. However, if you are a beginner and still confused about which one to choose, you need not to worry. I have brought an in-depth guide about Tofu keyboards that can help you in making a buying decision.

What is a Tofu Keyboard?

Tofu keyboards are best known for their designs, response, and configuration that allows users to customize them as per their preference. Speaking about the case, it has been developed by KBDfans, famous for its variety of sizes and specifications that allow you to build your own keyboard as per your preferences. It is further known for its angled edges accompanied by a 7-degree typing angle that provides you with improved functionality and aesthetic appeal.

What Do You Need to Build an RGB Board?

A basic custom-based RGB keyboard should have the following parts and specifications;

  • The Case is the head of all the elements of a keyboard. These cases come in different sizes and colors, based on their overall construction (acrylic or aluminum). Most commonly, users prefer acrylic cases as these are see-through and incorporate LEDs underneath the Case.
  • PCB is also known as the ‘brain’ of the keyboard and is usually measured in percentages (for instance, 60, 65, and 70). Users are provided with an option to choose the Case and pick the PCB that works with them. Likewise, modern and contemporary PCBs are equipped with built-in backlights, underglows, and much more, which maximize the utility of the keyboard and make it better in response.
  • Stabilizers are designed to reduce the wobble and power imbalances of the keyboard for the most part. These are constructed primarily for large keys such as shift, enter, and space bar. These elements keep the system cool and maintain the overall functionality.
  • The Plate is designed to help users in the mounting process. These are constructed to house the switch and lock so that you are provided with overall protection and security. These switches can also be soldered in the PCB and users can choose them as per their preference; however, they are largely determined by the layout options you are given.

Tofu Series

In addition, the keyboard is famous for its series that incorporates a number of models based on percentages of customizations and specifications. Likewise, some additional elements like cases, PCB, keyplates, and much more are available on the brand’s website, so you can build the custom keyboard from scratch. Here are some of the models from the series that are best-selling and has gained a quality reputation in the market;

Tofu 60

To start with, this Tofu 60 is the best-selling and known kit from the series, famous for its customization range and scope. As the name suggests, it is a 605 keyboard that is accompanied by a DZ60 PCB, providing you with a wide variety of layouts and keys (61). Similarly, it incorporates arrow keys that provide beginners with a basic layout to work with.

White and baby green buttons Tofu 60 keyboard containing 61 keys.

Moreover, this build-up has a relatively high rate of compatibility with a number of accessories that can maximize the utility of your keyboard. For instance, you can use an aluminum frame, carbon filters, polycarbonate PCB, and frosted acrylic cases with this Tofu 60 that provides you with a basic level as well as advanced skilled response. One thing I absolutely love about this keyboard is the O-rings that make it softer and gentler to touch. All in all, it is a perfect mechanical keyboard you need to assist your skills.

Highlights of Tofu 60

  • It works well with brass/ aluminum/ carbon filter plate/ and polycarbonate
  • Includes RGB underglow
  • It is compatible with acrylic and aluminum case
  • Includes hot-swappable soldered PCB

Tofu 65

Here comes an upgraded version of 60 percent, famous for its updated 65% layout and arrow keys. This keyboard setup incorporates a row cluster and built-in brass weight that makes it look more premium and a bit heavier. Another thing that makes it quite remarkable is its layout which is different from the KBD67 layout. Hence, it incorporates a separate layout that allows you to customize it as per your preference.

A Tofu 65 keyboard with Cream and Baby Blue buttons.

In addition, it comes with a right arrow blocker that is modified by a 1U, making the keycap set even more responsive and fast. Here, the improved layout option helps you in assisting your advanced level skills with upgraded speed and response, not to mention a better actuation rate. Apart from the layout, the Tofu 60 and 65 are pretty much identical and can be set for a range of skills.

Highlights of Tofu 65

  • It works with brass/ aluminum/ and polycarbonate plate
  • RGB under glow
  • Includes hot-swappable and soldered PCB
  • It is compatible with aluminum and acrylic case

Tofu 84

Likewise, this Tofu 84 is another 75% entry keyboard from the brand, popular for its non-traditional layout that is largely inspired by the 65 layouts. It comes with F-keys that make it even more versatile and functional in the application. Another thing that makes it one of the best-selling Tofu keyboards is the simple look that integrates glow and fancy looks and makes it look similar to KBD75, V2, and V3. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the keyboard has built-in brass weights in construction.

A Tofu 84 keyboard with White and Pink buttons.

Here, the fact that it is compatible with a number of cases makes it of great value. So, you can use this with aluminum and frosted acrylic cases accompanied by an RGB underglow that instantly maximizes its utility. However, it doesn’t support a hot-swap PCB and only is compatible with soldered PCB. Yet, the good news is that you can modify the PCB with the installation of Mill-Max sockets. All in all, if you want functionality in a small package, this Tofu 84 keyboard is the one for you.

Highlights of Tofu 84

  • It works with an aluminum plate.
  • Includes RGB underglow
  • It is compatible with aluminum and acrylic cases.
  • It comes with a soldered PCB.

Tofu 96

Last but not least, this Tofu 96 is another big selling keyboard from the manufacturer, famous for its compact size, full-sized layout, and a number of keys (F-keys, arrow keys, and Numpad) that facilitate your skills well. It is primarily different from the conventional full-sized keyboards and integrates sandwiched keys, as we have previously noted in the Tofu 84. One thing that gives it an edge over others is that it has all the keys present in its design that provide you with a high scope of customization.

A Tofu 96 keyboard with White, Cream, and Baby Blue buttons.

If you are looking for something compact yet with absolute performance and utility, this one from the brand is a great choice to go for. Likewise, the fact that it is compatible with a built-in brass weight, RGB underglow, acrylic case, and a number of keys makes it an impressive alternative for assisting advanced skills. However, the only downside here is that it only works with a soldered PCB.

Highlights of Tofu 96

  • Incorporates a brass weight
  • It works only with soldered PCB.
  • It comes with an RGB underglow (with an acrylic case only)
  • It is compatible with aluminum and acrylic cases.

Are Tofu Keyboards Worth It?

Yes, Tofu keyboards are absolutely worth your price, all thanks to their ability to provide you with customizations and well-organized construction. Most custom keyboards are only sold through a mediating group that mainly reaches out of your reach for the most part. Thereby, the first and foremost reason why these keyboards have gained immense popularity is that they can be brought directly from the KBDfans website, which makes them credible and reliable for users.

In addition, another factor that makes them worth your investment is the range of customization. Hence, you can easily choose the layout, design, material, Case, and color based on your preference and suitability. Likewise, any element that is used in their construction is replaceable; for instance, Tofu 60 is compatible with a number of elements and materials that maximize its utility to a great extent.

Another fact that all the Tofu keyboards are compatible with screw-in stabilizers makes them impressive. Similarly, these keyboards are designed specifically to support a number of mounting styles, ranging from tray mount to typing mount and much more. Hence, to enhance typing feels, you can easily modify the munting style and choose the plate material that suits you best.

Last but not least, all Tofu keyboards are designed with entry-level customizations that make them compatible with VIA and QMK. These alternatives are also provided with ESD protection that provides them with better response and speed. It is further worth mentioning that these keyboards are supported by aluminum and frosted acrylic cases, which makes them highly durable and prolongs their service life to a great extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering the fact that all Tofu keyboards have similar configurations makes them best selling and famous for the most part. Thereby, it solely depends on your individual preferences and layout designs, which one to buy. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, I would recommend you go for Tofu 60 and 65.

The Tofu keyboards are one of the best-selling across the market, largely because of their ability to be bought directly from the website. Most custom keyboards are sold through a mediated group that comes with a risk and can be faulty at times. Hence, the fact that you can buy them directly from the web makes them reliable for the most part.

Yes, Tofu keyboards are absolutely worth your investment, considering their ability to provide you with improved functionality and range of customization. These keyboards come with a number of accessories and elements that are designed to be customized, making them an impressive option for beginners and advanced users alike. All in all, these are the only reliable keyboards that can directly be bought from the website.

Final Thoughts

In the end, Tofu keyboards have gained quite some popularity for their customization range and configuration that makes them highly productive and responsive. These alternatives are known for their quality construction and compatibility with a number of accessories that allow you to build your own keyboards that suit you well. Finally, I hope that this detailed guide can help you choose the right one.

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