Where to Buy Custom Keyboard Parts? Top Websites

Finding the best place to purchase keyboard parts can be challenging because there are many online stores but few of them are reliable. That is why I’ve compiled a list of my favorite places where people like us can find replacement keys and other keyboard components.

You will be able to find keyboards, keypads, and other parts that will make your typing experience even more enjoyable. Whether it’s a new set of keys or an entire keyboard that needs replacing, there are plenty of options waiting for you here. I think you will be glad that you found the best place to buy mechanical keyboard parts online. It took me a long time before I could finally narrow down the best places for buying these items online.

Top Sites to Buy Custom Keyboard Parts

1. Mech Keys

A Mechanical Keyboard with backlits.

This is one of our favorite sites for finding keyboard parts, and it’s where I always begin my search. They have a wide selection of cables, keycaps, palm rests, as well as various types of key switches, all of which are available at great prices.

You can also find helpful guides and tutorials on their website that will show you how to install the parts that you purchase. They offer a wide variety of shipping options, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

Parts available for Sale: Cables, Keycaps, Key Switches, Palm rests.

Website: https://www.meckeys.com/category/accessories/keyboard-accessories/

2. Drop

A Keyboard was received from DROP.

Drop is famous for its keycaps and switches. They offer a unique range of keycaps that will give your keyboard an entirely new look. We liked their wooden keycaps. Moreover, you can evaluate the quality of their products by reading reviews by their customers. They also offer a wide variety of switches for mechanical keyboards.

Parts available for Sale: Wooden Keycaps, Switches.

Website: https://drop.com/mechanical-keyboards/drops

3. Razer

Razer Switches.

Razer manufactures computer mice, keyboards, headsets, and other accessories. They are best known for their gaming products, and they have one of the most popular gaming keyboards available today.

Their keycaps are made from a kind of plastic called PBT. They look nice and have thin letters for good “tactility” while typing fast on the keyboard. They use high-density metal in their product which means it will be comfortable to work with for long periods without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. If you are looking for metallic keycaps for your mechanical keyboards, razer will provide you with them.

Parts available for Sale: Metallic Keycaps, Ergonomic Wrist Rests for full-sized keyboards.

Website: https://www.razer.com/shop/keyboards/gaming-keyboards-accessories

4. Mechanical Keyboards

Keyboard received from Blink.

You can find everything that a keyboard enthusiast might need to get started at this site. As the name suggests, they offer a wide range of accessories for mechanical keyboards. They carry Leopold switches for Cherry MX keys, many types of keycaps, switch testers, keycap pullers, and frames.

They also offer valuable information regarding mechanical keyboards. If you are thinking of creating custom mechanical keyboards, this is the place to come for all the different keycaps you will need.

Parts available for Sale: Switches, Keycaps, Cables, O-Rings, Cases, Wrist Rests, Frames etc.

Website: https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/

5. Das Keyboard

Keycap of Mechanical Keyboard.

If you have a mechanical keyboard and want to try something unique, this website is for you. This website offers handcrafted keycaps that give a unique look to a keyboard. They will provide you with their fantastic keycap set. They also provide WASD keycaps for people who are gaming enthusiasts.

If you find difficulty removing keycaps, you can also buy a keycap puller from their website.

Parts available for Sale: Switches, handcrafted Keycaps, Keycap Pullers

Website: https://shop.daskeyboard.com/collections/accessories

6. WASD Keyboards

A Packed WASD Keyboard.

This website is another excellent place for finding keyboard parts, and it’s where I often turn when I’m looking for replacement keys. They have a wide selection of gaming and non-gaming keyboards and parts for customizing them.
Whether it’s the keycaps or other components, you will have plenty of options to choose from here. They have all kinds of Cherry MX switches, Greetech switches, Outemu Switches and Kailh Switches. They offer great prices and quick shipping, too.

WASD keyboards also offer unique customization for keycaps means if you want some special print or want to place your logo on each keycap, they will help you do that. You can even make your keyboard layout with the included CAD software if you want!

Parts available for Sale: A wide range of Switches, Custom Keycaps.

Website: https://www.wasdkeyboards.com/products/accessories.html

7. Filco

Filco Grey and Black color keyboard.

Filco has been a popular Japanese site offering peripherals since 1982. Their most unique product is their beautiful dual-color keycaps. They also manufacture simple color keycaps.

They offer different beautiful combinations of dual colors. I loved the black and grey combination they provided.

Parts available for Sale: Beautiful dual-color Keycaps.

Website: https://www.diatec.co.jp

8. Banggood

A keyboard without keycaps.

Banggoods offers accessories related to keyboards, keypads, and mouse on their website. They have a wide range of accessories for your keyboard customization. Reviews on their products will help you in quality evaluation before buying.

Parts available for Sale: PBT Keycaps, Switches

Website: https://www.banggood.com/Wholesale-Keycaps-and-Switches-ca-5031.html

9. Unicomp

An old-fashioned Unicomp keyboard.

Unicomp is the company that makes keyboards for famous companies like IBM, and they still manufacture replacement parts found on these traditional units.

Parts available for Sale: Protective Covers, Cables,

Website: https://www.pckeyboard.com/page/category/accessories

10. Kinesis

Ergonomic Keyboard design for people having wrist problems.

Kinesis is an excellent option for ergonomic keyboard fans because they are designed with comfort in mind. There are different models of Kinesis available today, but I would recommend their contoured pro model for people who want ultimate comfortability while typing or gaming on their computer.

If you are a Kinesis user and some of your keys are lost or broken, they will offer you replacement keys. All you have to do is contact them and ask about it. They will often send the replacement keycap set right away unless it’s out of stock or no longer available.

Parts available for Sale: Keycaps, Wrist pads.

Website: https://kinesis-ergo.com/products/#parts-and-accessories

11. Esports Gear

Mechanical Keyboard with green switches.

If you’re looking to buy some replacement keys for your mechanical keyboard, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, this company is the best option out there.

They sell their products in sets, and each group has at least 20 different keys. This website is the perfect place to buy replacement keys for any custom mechanical keyboard that you might have lying around in your home or office.

Parts available for Sale: Customized keycaps set.

Website: https://esportsgear.uk/collections/keycaps

12. Falba Tech

Keycaps removed from Mechanical Keyboard with black switches.

Falba is a popular website where you can find various parts for your keyboard. They offer great prices and can be reached easily over the web if you ever need assistance. When it comes to finding replacement keys, they have many options to build a custom keyboard.

They also have different kinds of switches. If you’re looking for something with more resistance or less resistance they will provide you with all the options. Falba maintains a good reputation and is known as one of the best places to buy your keyboard parts.

Parts available for Sale: Switches, Keycaps

Website: https://falba.tech/product-category/keyboard-parts/

13. Keyboardio

Removing Keycaps from Mechanical Keyboard.

Keyboardio has a large variety of keyboards and replacement keys available. They have different switches for many preferences, including Cherry MX, Alps, Hall Effect, Matias Switches, etc.

Keyboardio also offers standard industrial keyboards that are famous for their durability. They are known for their attention to detail.

Parts available for Sale: A wide range of Switches, Keycaps.

Website: https://shop.keyboard.io/collections

14. Pimpmykeyboard

Different Keycaps of a Keyboard.

The website features a wide variety of keyboards. They have a complete selection of replacement keys available right on their site. There are over 100 different sets of keycaps that you can choose from, and the prices are also very affordable.

They also sell switches, keycaps, and other replacement components for customizing your mechanical keyboard.

Parts available for Sale: Switches, Sets of keycaps.

Website: https://pimpmykeyboard.com/all-products/keycaps/

15. Amazon

Different kinds of keyboard switches.

Amazon is another excellent place to find everything you need to repair or replace those worn-out keys on your keyboard.

You can find keyboards and individual replacement keys from top manufacturers such as Logitech, Dell, Apple, and more. Amazon is another perfect option for finding the quality replacement parts you might need to fix your machine.

Many of the most popular components here include laptop keyboards, USB hubs, and even keypads that can be used with a regular keyboard.

Parts available for Sale: Switches, Keycaps, Frames, Cables, and Keycap Pullers.

Website: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=keyboard+parts


Hopefully, this article has provided you with some helpful information regarding buying keyboard parts online. The above mentioned stores are not only good for finding spare parts for your keyboard, but many of them also offer keyboards and other accessories that can give a new life to your old keyboard.