Where is the Mic on a Dell Laptop? Enable/Disable [Fix Issues]

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The era of technology has changed our lives and everything around us. A laptop is one of the most valuable inventions to convert the bulky computer into a portable device with essential features.

Dell is a well-known laptop brand famous for its innovative features and durable machines. However, some people find it challenging to find a mic on a dell laptop. Some Dell laptop models have a mic that is hard to find. Here is a brief article that will help you find the mic on a dell laptop.

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Where is the mic on the Dell Laptop?

1. Where is the Microphone located?

Infographics explaining the location of a microphone on a dell laptop.

Suppose you are having trouble finding the mic of your Dell laptop. It would help if you looked at the above InfoGraphics. You will get the location of your laptop mic. Usually, the mic of Dell is fitted in the lid of the laptop above the screen area.

If you keenly observe the idea above your screen, you will see three circles there. The giant circular glass is our webcam.

The second circle will be a LED turned on when the webcam is used.

The third is a small circular hole in the exact spot you are trying to find. Yes, it’s a susceptible mic and is ready to record every whisper or sound.

Each dell laptop comes with unique features, and it may be possible that the microphone port is changed. Some models may have a mic on the chassis of the body.

If you want to connect an external mic, you can easily use the external microphones by inserting different headsets or combo into the built-in headset ports. You can use such mics for various tasks such as Skype calls, audio-video calls, and gaming.

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2. How to fix a built-in mic on a Dell Laptop

There are separate settings for Windows users to enable the dell microphone. You can easily manage external and built-in mics with the setting option.

  • Go into Control Panel > Sound > Change Sound Settings > Click on Set Default.
  • Double Click on Speakers > Click Levels on tab > Set the Volume to full.

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3. How to Enable or Disable the Microphone on a Dell Laptop

  • Locate the audio icon in the control panel of the windows taskbar.
  • Click on the audio icon and open the Sound Settings.
  • Scroll down to Input > Here, find Manage sound devices > Click on it.
  • Now, under Input devices, you will find the Microphone of your laptop. You can simply click on it to enable or disable it.

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4. Why my Dell Laptop Mic is not working?

You have opened your laptop and realized the mic is not working. There are several reasons why a laptop mic stops working. The most common issue is corrupted microphone drivers. Here is how to solve the mic problem on your dell laptop.

  • Click on the Start and type device manager, then press Enter.
  • Click the “plus” right near the Sound, game, and video controllers.
  • Now right, click on the audio drivers and select uninstall.
  • Make sure to check the delete driver software for this device box.
  • It is recommended to follow on-screen instructions to complete the un-installation process and restart your laptop.
  • Use the official Dell website to download mic drivers.
  • Now install drivers and again restart your laptop.

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Final words

According to my observation, these built-in microphones are not designed for things like Speed Recognition, Voice over IP, or other similar applications. If you are looking for such programs, I recommend you buy an external mic recommended by many professionals.

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