Does Laptop Stands help Cooling Your Laptop in 2023

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Everybody like a laptop with super fast speed. A computer on which everyone can perform multi-tasks without facing hassles like slowing down or getting heat up. Well, the new models of different laptops can facilitate us providing such features, but what people like me will do who have a limited budget and cannot spend such amount of money to get rid of these problems. Such people like me always try to find some alternatives to find the solution to the problem without spending extra.

The laptop’s temperature is the primary factor that helps it perform its tasks smoothly.  If the machine’s temperature is usually above average, it will hang the notebook, ultimately shutting it down. Most of the people who are doing some professional work using heavy software and boys who are playing games got frustrated. To increase your laptop life, you need to find a way to keep your notebook cool. Well, you may hear that laptop stands for cooling, but are they worthful. Can a laptop stand can resolve the heating problem of your computer and can offer you a smooth user experience. I’ll tell you the whole story, which will help you decide whether you should get it or not.

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Does Laptop Stand help Cooling?

1. What is a Laptop Stand? 

A laptop stand is like a standard stand. It will give your laptop a rise from the table, bed, or sofa you have placed it on. Most of the time, we use our laptops on our bed mattresses or sitting on the couch. The problem is that putting our laptop on the bed will clog the laptop’s air vents. Hence the laptop fan trying to release heat produced by the machine will fail to perform its job. Our computer will not be able to breathe, so its temperature will increase.

A laptop stand will help us to get rid of this problem. With a laptop stand, we can use our laptop for the whole night without facing any heating problems because it will leave the notebook from the bed up to 5 to 10 inches providing an ideal space for breathing.

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2. Benefits of Laptop Stand

Helps in Lowering Laptop Temperature

As I discussed earlier, the laptop stand helps our laptop keep the temperature down by providing vents a better space to breathe. Besides that, I found that it has some other great benefits. Well, if you ask me about one great use of a laptop stand. I’ll tell you the great posture.

Provides Great Posture to Work

A laptop stand is a great tool to prevent several backaches and neck pains caused by the uncomfortable posture made when working on the laptop for several hours.

The laptop stand can reduce stress by offering the correct viewing height. It provides excellent comfort while typing or working, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Laptop Stand vs. without Laptop Stand

It does not matter whether we are using our laptop on the bed, sitting on a couch, or chair. It always provides a great posture. Many people who spend a lot of time sitting in front of their computers complain about back pain. The wrong posture is one of the primary causes of inducing back pain. If we visit the doctor, usually the first treatment the doctor will suggest will be to correct the sitting posture.

If you are a developer, freelancer, or by any means you have to spend more than two hours on your laptop, I recommend a laptop stand. It will reduce the stress on your spine and shoulders and ultimately increase your performance.

Increase Typing Speed

Well, there are many factors linked with typing speed. Typing speed mainly depends on the keyboard. Usually, people like me who type a lot in a day suggest getting a laptop with a mechanical keyboard to get the best typing experience. 

Besides the keyboard quality, a  good posture helps a lot in typing memos. If our body is in trouble, and we are having pain in our backbone and shoulders, it will badly affect the efficiency of our work. So, we can safely say a laptop can help increase typing speed by reducing the stress on our bodies.

Some people also think we should attach a mechanical keyboard if we have to spend all day on our laptops. Mechanical keyboards are professional designers for the people who have to type every day for an extended period.

Low Price

Laptop stands are not costly at all as compared to other accessories. It is because it does not have any electrical parts and chips. It’s a simple small table-like object, which will provide a tilt to the laptop and provides us a great posture. It does not require any power source to use.

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3. Limitations

As I said, a laptop stand helps lower the temperature by providing space for vents to breathe, but the problem is it cannot help more. It does not have the power or the ability to lower the laptop’s temperature as cooling pads have. Cooling pads have more control to reduce the laptop’s temperature as potential fans are installed to keep the machine temperature down.

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Final Words

Laptop stands provide us with a great posture while using a laptop. As doctors suggest, unhealthy body postures are one of the root causes of backaches, so it relieves backaches and shoulder pains by providing a better posture while using our laptop. They also help to reduce the laptop temperature, as we know our laptop’s performance can suffer if it gets too hot. Therefore, having a laptop stand can help sort out the heat problem, providing better ventilation for laptop vents.

Today different laptop stands are available; some users may only be interested in the looks and design of the frame rather than its features. Others may be looking for a laptop stand with a reasonable price, regardless of the functions it performs or not. Choosing the notebook stand entirely depend on your requirements and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, if the room has decent ventilation, you can leave your laptop on the stand. However, don’t leave your laptop in a room without any ventilation.

A laptop stand helps to keep wrists straight and elbow close to the body; it is a great accessory to improve your typing posture and also prevent repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

No, a laptop stand doesn’t damage your laptop. Instead, it helps to keep your laptop safe from various issues, including overheating.

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